Founded in 1851, St. Paul’s College is one of the oldest colleges in Hong Kong. Its development over the years has resulted in a college with a most unique personality. Hard-working but fun-loving, independent yet faithful, there is a great and enduring story to be told about the College and its students. The Heritage Project aims to tell this story of how St. Paul's College has transformed together with Hong Kong to become the place that it is now. The project focuses on preserving and promoting the College’s heritage and traditions, providing inspiration and insights through the understanding of historical materials, and ultimately hopes to extol traditional ‘Pauline’ values and virtues. One theme that has often appeared in our publications is the idea of ‘Once a Pauline, always a Pauline.’ This is one of many ideas that we wish to pass on. A crucial part of the Heritage Project is the Heritage Trail, which unites the story with the physical artefacts.

The Heritage Trail takes visitors to different places of interest, including the Aramis Bell, its origin remains a mystery; Wu Ting Fang Library, serves as a self-study and reference hub for the College’s students; Wong Ming Him Hall, our oldest building; and also the College Hall, which has undergone multiple changes and now includes portraits of the founder and former principals of the College. Together with other artefacts and exhibits, the Heritage Trail aims to give visitors more insights into what differentiates St. Paul’s College from other traditional schools.

The Heritage Trail is a permanent installation of the Heritage Project, and it is open to the public on special occasions. Guided tours are available during the College’s Exhibition Day and Carnival, held once every five years as part of the College’s anniversary celebrations.

The Heritage Trail will introduce visitors to the following:


The Glenealy Campus


Though not part of the Heritage Trail, knowledge on the former campus of St. Paul's College (from 1851 until 1941) is a requisite for understanding its evolution. Essential information about the campus is given in this booklet, in the audio guides, and on the Heritage website.


The Stewart Building Plaque and the College Motto Calligraphy


The former marks the completion of the Stewart Building and the latter is a piece of calligraphic work of our College motto.


The Aramis Bell


The only bell present in the College, the bell has the words ‘Aramis’ and ‘1949’ inscribed on it.


Wu Ting Fang Library


This is the College Library, open to students, teachers, and alumni alike for self-study and research.


The Former Primary School Block Plaque


The Primary School was relocated to a site on Hill Road in 1992. The vacant block on Bonham Road was transformed into a series of special purpose rooms. This plaque is one of the few surviving artefacts from it.


Wong Ming Him Hall


A building connected to the main campus only through a pathway, the Hall is actually the oldest building at the Bonham Road campus.


The St. Paul's College Alumni Association Tse Yu Chuen Swimming Pool


St. Paul's College is one of the few schools in Hong Kong to have their own on-campus swimming pool.


The College Hall


A place normally used for assemblies, rehearsals, presentations, and examinations, the College Hall is without doubt an essential part of life at the College. The Heritage Trail will introduce visitors to the hall itself and its multiple decorations.