The Five Professions 保羅五民

Over 170 years, thousands have come and gone through our doors. We are glad to have received many fine young minds; even more so to see them blossom into people of talent, who lead their respective fields and serve with passion. This is a small selection among the teachers, learned men, artists, craftspeople, and merchants who have crossed paths with St. Paul’s College, whose dedication and spirit continue to inspire us.

城中先驅.啟迪後賢 聖保羅書院創校逾一百七十年,一直致力作育英才。保羅舊生在不同專業領域擔當領袖角色,建設城市、貢獻國家、走向世界。是次展覽把本校的「城中先驅」分為師、士、藝、工、商五大類別作介紹,盼能啟迪莘莘學子承傳人文精神,發揮所長,奉獻社會。